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    ipad and fireworks javascript rollovers


      i created this map (http://www.sp2.upenn.edu/img/programs/world_map/world_map.htm) using fireworks.

      the problem is that on an ipad, the rollover behaviors don't work as they do with a mouse, of course.

      that would be fine, really, but even if someone clicks one of the countries and then goes back, the rollovers don't reset to the initial state.

      does anyone have any experience with this or any advice?

      i was just looking to do a really quick and easy map, but maybe i'm taking the wrong approach...


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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          Have you tried customizing the events of the behaviors? Rather than mouseOver, maybe try onClick to access the photo, and onDblClick to hit the web site?


          You won't be able to do this in FW, but if you open the HTML file in DW, you will be able to add or edit behaviors.


          Edit: Or maybe this is better: onFocus for the photo, onClick for the website . . .


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