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    bringing clips from Premiere to AE and back again

    Jordan Olthuis Level 1

      hey, so I am still trying to get the hang of using after effects with premiere pro, recently I was editing a video and I wanted to color correct in AE, so I figured out how to get the whole comp in AE like I wanted, I just choose import, adobe premiere pro sequence.  and that seems to work great cuz it imports all the files editing as they were in premiere, so then I was color correcting it. and then I needed to get it all back to premiere.  this is where the problems start happening. I figured out how to get the whole comp in premiere as one video track and one audio track, but I dont like that, I want to be able to bring it back to premiere with all the edits and looking just like it was before I brought it into AE, except now with color correcting of course.


      So is there a way to get all the AE edited files into Premiere and have them all in their individual clips like they were in AE and premiere before that?  So I can still edit stuff in premiere if I want?