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    Made a pretty face in Flash that shows in FireFox but nowhere else?

    baustin77 Level 1

      Built a nice Flash page and exported it to use as a web page (didn't export to HTML just exported image to SWF). Plunck it into DW CS5 and test in FF & it looks great. Try it in IE8, only get a white page, same in Chrome & Opera. What gives? Anyone know why this might be happening? I'm a newby so polease be patient with me.


      Thanx for any  help.


      Please let me know if I need to give more info on what is going on on my end.



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          somascope Level 3

          How did you embed the SWF into your HTML page?


          Some basic thoughts:

          • Use Flash to also publish an HTML file. Even if you don't want to use Flash's created HTML file, it will give you a page that will be properly created to show your SWF file. You can at least use this as reference. In Flash: File > Publish Settings > Check the HTML box, and click Publish.
          • Be sure you have the current version of the Flash Player installed in the other browsers. Can you confirm this?
          • Though it doesn't necessarily fix anything, you should also be able to drag your SWF file onto all of your browsers, which - provided they have the F;lash Player plugin/activeX control, will play the SWF directly (without HTML).
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            baustin77 Level 1

            Thanx for the reply ...


            What exactly is "embedding" anyway? Is that just another way to say, 'put' or 'add;

            or is it really something more technical? If so then I do not understand the term

            and therefore cannot answer the question.


            This is what I did do: in Dream Weaver (CS5)I went to 'insert' and inserted a SWF.

            Does that mean it is embedded or not? Sorry for the ignorance.


            As to the HTML file: I did produce one & even put it on the page in DW but it

            didn’t seem to offer any advantage. Still couldn't work with it cause it is still a SWF.

            It did show up just fine in live preview and in browser (FF)


            As for the Flash Player, thought (perhaps mistakenly) that it installed onto the computer

            and not into the browser. However I did look for a way to do just that w/o success.

            After getting your email I revisited the issue and tried to install in the browsers,

            as from inside the browser, and Adobe's installer required a shutdown of the browsers

            (all that were running) so it seems to me that I am certainly missing something here,

            maybe you can see, from what I've said here just what it is, I hope so.


            I did try dragging SWF into browsers and that successfully shows the file in the other

            browsers (just fine in chrome & opera but IE8 is junky typical MS stuff that doesn't work)

            in IE8 it shows up as a partial image at about 1200 or 1600% so you only get a small piece

            of it and this in itself is another issue that I will have to resolve somehow as I will have

            to make sure it works in IE as many still use it and haven't heard of anything better

            (such as most other browsers?) Well be that as it may, I like FireFox & Opera and have

            little or no trouble with them. They have great plug-ins/add-ons that are very useful.

            Does MS even offer anything or is anyone building anything in the way of add-ons for IE?

            I have never seen or heard of any. At any rate I have been trying to test in 4 major ones.


            Oh well, here I go ranting!! Don't you just love MS? If so I'm sure it must be a

            "Love/Hate" relationship. I'll shut up now. It's just that every time I think of MS

            I think of all the money they have cost me over the years (I've been using since

            Windows 3.0) and I get a little upset. It certainly is a love/hate for me.


            So, thanx for your help & I will look forward to hearing back in regard to this email.




            Barry Austin (your newbie in the bush)