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    external links

      ok I make flash banners for a comapny sometimes. I have the banners go to an external link for tracking purposes. I use this action script

      on (release) {
      getURL(clickTAG, "_blank");

      no I need it to forward to an external link the same way, but I need it to do it when it hits a new frame not on a click.

      Can anyone help me?
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          crazyjoemilan Level 2
          now, are you referring to a "new frame" as a new frame in Flash, or a new frame in html?

          If its a new frame in flash, you can just strip your on(release) { } out and put in the getURL, on the desired frame.

          ie- so when you play your movie, it hits frame 5, and reroutes the viewer to 'clickTAG'

          Am I off the mark?