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    Flash rotating Banners


      I currently designed a website for my client in wordpress with rotating banner headers. The website theme is space and astronomy , hence my client wanted banners about space shuttles and galaxies etc. I have been able to do this .. but with one small hitch the banners are in the size of 50-70 KB each.

      You can check out the website at -http://spaceyuga.com


      What I wanted to know is


      1. Is there a wordpress plugin which installs adobe flash on the website ?

      2. Will making the banners in flash reduce the load time ?

      3. Will using flash affect the user experience as I believe many mobile brosers and iPad's do not support flash ?


      Thank you for your answers.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1. Flash does not get installed on a web site.


          2. Load time is dictated by file size.  Chances are your Flash file is no fatter than whatever content you place in it.  The file sizes you mentioned are nothing I would consider a hitch... they are not unreasonable.


          3. The user's experience is dictated by the choices they make.  I have no sympathy for those who elect technologies that do not support viewing Flash.  If you are concerned with this, you can always offer aternate content for those who do not have Flash-capable technology... personally, I treat is as their loss.

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