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    How to unlock and remove comments in Adobe Reader X for WIN 7?


      A while ago I left a comment in an adobe file and now I want to change it or remove it. The problem is that I can't do anything to the comment, because it is locked and it seems that I don't have the permission to do that. I run Win 7, 64bit.


      When I select properties on the comment by right clicking on it in the Comment List on the right in the Properies window the Locked checkbox is empty, gray and unselectable. The fact that the Locked checkbox is empty should mean that the comment is not locked but there is an icon next to it that pictures a small lock. I am confused. Is it locked? Is it not? Is there anything I can do to remove or change this comment?


      Next to the Locked checkbox is a Make Properties Default checkbox which is selectable but I believe unrelated to what I want to do. What do I do?