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    Problems with hit test and score


      Here's the file




      I can't make it to score points for hiting area. Tried some ways and nothing seems to work.

      It only gives +1 like "11", "111" or nothing.


      Got 2 hours till deadline ... :/


      If someone could help you i would really appreciate that.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          it's not likely anyone will download and correct your file unless you hire them.


          for free help, you should post the relevant (not all) code.  the more time required to help you, the less likely you are to get help.  these forums are best used for pointed questions/issues so contributers can use their expertise to help.

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            Dkingg Level 1

            Well, of course it's not like that. Anyway i think, if someone is experienced he would do it in less than five minutes, it wasn't very complicated code.

            By the way, not all is about cash. I like to help just because i like helping, no matter if i get paid or not.


            Thanks for reply and you can close/delete or w/e. Arleady met my deadline.


            Goodning and have a nice day.