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    What is Explorer?

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      Hi All


      I wonder if you can help me? I recently bought an eReader, the website I bought the eBooks from suggested that I download ADE to read the eBooks. I have spent all day trying to make it work but have now heard that the eReader I have is not compatible with ADE but is with Explorer, does anyone know what this means? Also does this mean that the eBooks I bought are useless as they only work with ADE??? Any info you have would be a great help as I have no idea what I'm doing!! Thank you.



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          Terry, there's a process you can follow that should work and it's not going

          to cause you grief.  It should take about 20 minutes.


          I can give you generic steps to follow because you haven't given enough

          information in this message to give you specific steps.


          I have to assume that you have a PC, not a Macintosh computer, and that it

          is running Windows.  There are several versions of Windows, and the latest

          version is Windows 7.  The earliest versions of Windows that you should have

          to make this process work is Windows Vista or Windows XP.


          I don't know what type of eReader you bought either.  So, for now, let's

          deal with getting ADE running and getting the eBooks you purchased into

          ADE.  That way you can read the eBooks on your computer until you get the

          eReader sorted out.


          You got here somehow, so I assume that you're familiar with how software

          works, and you've visited the Adobe.com site.  But, just to be sure, let me

          start as if you came to the blog from ADE itself.  I'm not talking down to

          you - I just want to put the sequence together so that you can pick it up

          where it's appropriate for you.


          First, you have to have an account established with Adobe Systems.  That's

          easy: just point your browser to www.adobe.com and register as a user.  You

          don't have to pay anything to do this, but it is key in getting ADE

          working.  Sign off of adobe.com.


          Next, either you or someone else needs to find out where your eBooks are

          located on your computer.  You need to copy them to a 'safe' area somewhere

          on it, because you'll be fiddling with the ADE software and don't want to

          delete them accidentally.


          Then, uninstall/delete the ADE application.  Send everything to the Trash -

          and then EMPTY THE TRASH.  If you don't do this, when you reinstall ADE (the

          next step), it can pick up files from the previous installation - and those

          files may be corrupted.


          Log in to Adobe.com with your User ID and password.  This is important,

          because ADE is going to record your User ID as part of its authentication

          when you go to install it again.  Then, go to the Home page, and type

          "digital" into the Search box in the upper left of the screen.  A drop-down

          box will contain Adobe Digital Editions, and you click on it.  When you do,

          the upper left side will have two embedded links: 'Download Now' and 'Get

          Support'.  Click on 'Download Now' and the download/installation process

          will take over.  I know you've done this before, but I am assuming that when

          you did, you were not logged into Adobe.com.


          When the process is complete, you can open ADE and, in Library mode, you can

          click on the down arrow next to the word 'Library'.  That will drop down a

          menu, and you pick 'Add Item To Library'.  That will open a window, asking

          you to give ADE the information on where to find the item and its name.  You

          can browse your drive and point at the location of your ebooks, then click

          on the name when it's on the screen, and it will appear in the line below.

          Click on OK, and ADE will do the rest.  Repeat as necessary to get the

          ebooks into your library.  You can open the books and read them using ADE,

          once they're in the Library, by clicking on the icon in Library view.


          Now, about that eReader: what kind is it,  and who makes it?


          Hope this helps!


          Tom (Frustrated in AZ)