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    Green lines through playback.


      hi guys, first I would like to say that i think its great that there is a forum like this and that so many people paarticipate. I have read many threads and can not come to a resolution. I am using mts files with cs5 premeire pro. I have no speed issues or rendering time issues. The problem I had was at first when the playback screen was in "paused mode" i would have green lines through it. but when I pressed "play" they would go away. I have messed with the playback and paused resolution level as posted in a previous thread. This does work although I have to lower the res. to 1/4. BUT!!!!! Once the footage is rendered, it has the green lines no matter what. like if a clip has a yellow bar above it it is fine, but if i slow the clip down to where the bar becomes red, then i render it and the playback goes "green". Even if the clip doesnt render but the transition does, the green lines will appear during the transition only. Please help. I believe this is only a "settings resolutuion" issue.  Thanks for any help.