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    What no M.I.D.I.


      Seems a shame that there is no midi support as in the recording of midi information. I think it would be great if the program could accept midi files and then be able to trigger an external sound device and record the sequences back in to Audition. I liked the metronome on Audition 1.5 but it seems to have been missed off. This program is still very powerful and there were some new additions that I thought were excellent. Like many people in this forum I have been using this program since its syntrillium conception and I am looking forward to the full blown version. 

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          I agree.  With so many things missing from this mac version, I started looking for other alternatives.  Came up with Reaper and have never looked back.  Sorry audition, I gave it a good 11 year run, had fun while it lasted!

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            I Agree. Audition should be a Music creation tools like After Effect or Flash, Photoshop, etc. not only an audio restoration software. We need all the midi stuff.

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              schuberttweakle Level 1

              Audition could be so much more now it is on Mac. If Audition were to incorporate M.I.D.I. generation as well as Audio manipulation. I would use it live to connect to Midi hardware and use an external sound device to put 8 out of Auditions Audio outs into the FOH sound desk. We use a Muse Receptor live and to incorporate Audition with M.I.D.I. into the live performance would be an amazing tool. If it had a separate metronome out that could be fed to a drummer for live playback would fantastic!  

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                does this version for Mac is a fake ???

                Why no Midi ???

                i use audition 3 on Windows,it's a great and easy software.

                i was glad to use it on my macbook, but this beta is not good.

                why is it not like the windows version ???

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                  schuberttweakle Level 1

                  It's a beta version, they are looking for our constructive input to make it better. It's a good program. Give them constructive criticism and don't just write it off as being poor.

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                    theiiru Level 1

                    i used every days my audition 3 for windows to create my music.

                    Midi complete functions is indispensable for a music software.

                    this MAc version need Midi and support VST instrument, RTAS, and AU.

                    and support VST effects.


                    i just switched on Mac and i'm sad to have to install Windows on my Macbook to used my Great Audition3.

                    Audition on Mac must be a real multipiste sequencer to compete Cubase or Logic that are not easy simple software and that 's expensive.


                    In the Windows version, the possibility to switch quickly Multipist windows to edition windows is good.

                    and it's important to keep the function to edit easily loop as windows version.


                    i think Audition 3 on Windows is perfect

                    ( just missing the possibility to record automation effect for each pist )    it's an important function.


                    hope audition on Mac will become as Windows one. i'm impatient to buy it.


                    sorry for my ugly frenchy english

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                      schuberttweakle Level 1

                      When they bring out the full blown version you just watch, we'll all be raving about.

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                        theiiru Level 1

                        i hope so...