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    coldfusion OO programming

      At the moment i have a contact manager application i am building.
      a contact has a title (mr/mrs/miss) and can have multiple addresses, multiple telephone numbers.

      CFC's dont allow me to do multiple inheritance. I can extend to 1 component then extend to the next one in a kind of "daisy chain" but this is not ideal, if anything changes in my application there are a lot of dependencies.

      I have been told by Hal Helms to use something called aggregation but I am finding this concept difficult to grasp.

      I believe i am supposed to do something like the following see attached code:

      This seems to work fine, i have a setTitle() method in the contact.cfc which creates the title object.

      The problem is, as soon as i reference the setTitle() method from within the contact.cfc I can error saying that the return type is not of type "title"

      I think i've either got this completely wrong or i'm missing something.

      Can someone please help?

      My e-mail address is here