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    Content Assist with Special Key Mapping Question   (perhaps interesting P.S.)




      Content assist pops up a list of choices (of course).  I would like to pick a choice without taking my hands off the home key row.  Is there a way to set this up?*   Note I was able to set this up fine in Flash Builder:  I have a couple control keys setup, that allow me to go up and down, left and right, without leaving the home row, which is very fast for editing text in general.  In Flash Builder, these same keys also work to rapidly scroll through the choices presented in content assist, which is equally fast for writing code, as 1) content assist is constantly used and 2) a selection can be made without leaving the home row, allowing me to continue on typing.


      But the content assist in CFB seems to be setup a little differently, and the same up/down control keys I setup don't work, and I haven't been able to make others work.   Note I have FB Burrito and CFB as two stand-alone Eclipse executables.




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      * - P.S.  Years ago when I analyzed my "typing speed" I found:


        1) I am much faster, if my hands never leave the home row (quite obvious)

        2) my overall "words per minute speed" as a general "skill" / coordination -  would continue to deteriorate the more I used programs/editors where I had to take my hands off the home row.


      Finally, we can note that often an eye movement off the screen is required to find the arrow keys, which also slows the process and creates fatigue, i.e. eyes on screen (looking at content assist choice), eyes off screen and quickly searching, eyes back on screen and quickly relocating.   This ends up being lots of wasted effort in a whole day of editing and a fatigue factor.