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    Keyframe and Animation problems with Lightsaber Effects


      Hey, how's going folks? I love Star Wars like everybody else. I seen other people have lots of fun with the rotoscoping.


      Okay, Andrew Kramer and some other tutorials say when you do the animation with Lightsabers, is to start at the end of the fight of the footage and place the effects over the sticks and do the animation backwards (like rewinding) to the beginning of the footage.


      I tried going in reverse like he said and EVEN in my own preference I did the effects going forward with the footage. It didn't matter how I did it.


      I am working with Keyframes and after I place the special effects over the stick that I use.

      Why do the special effects end up being unaligned off of the stick?


      Is it something to do with the Keyframes? They are turned on and all. Is there a button I am not using to keep the effects aligned or what?


      Andrew Kramer makes it look so easy. I followed his instructions.