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    'Not enough memory' + 'Internal error' x 'Could not render the database' = Parting of company :(



      I can’t believe the amount of concern / disappointment / frustration spread across every associated Fireworks forum re: CS5’s


      "An internal error occurred"


      "Could not render the database"


      "Not enough memory"


      "Crash without notification"






      We installed the CS5 trial – being more than wary about Adobe’s past releases – and lo and behold, all of the above beared ‘true’!



      This is nothing new of course, we’ve all been experiencing this since CS3 – but hoping against hope - a newer release would solve the poor memory management and general ‘bug-ridden’ code; alas - as per usual, Adobe has not responded with any pro-solution based action, but successfully furthered our frustration with a couple of fresh gimmicks without strengthening the core software.



      As an avid fan of adobe software […and a Fireworks freak] working in a design house that has many different employees with widespread software tastes – I eventually said ‘enough is enough’ after the umpteenth crash [as of 3 weeks ago] and have revisited the Rebel Alliance; ‘yes, CorelDraw’!  No I’m not going to go into some tirade about how much better Corel is etc. - as it has its own strengths and weaknesses, too […but without the hourly crashes] – so to be honest, we figure the time increase in some projects due to using Corel […time is diminishing with each project’s acquired experience] are negated by the downtime of Fireworks; so far, this is holding true.



      This may seem drastic, but it has been a long time coming – that is, implementing a move from our decade invested workflow to a ‘somewhat’ new schema, but due to the disappointing aforementioned, eventually principal / expenditure comparisons / sanity / lack of support all culminate to such, and if there’s no support for the competition, well – then there is ‘no’ competition; a luxury Adobe has taken for granted way too long.



      I truly hope Adobe turns around and fixes their ways, until then – we’ll be supporting those that do – and hopefully along the way, just maybe, with the added funds from disgruntled adobe x-pats – the software will far exceed what I used to love and adore […how I miss macromedia]; honestly, it would be near on impossible to argue which suite was better ‘either way’ – so it may not be such a distant future. Besides, with the market-door Adobe is opening due to such poor software, the new player sniffing around the edges will be welcomed by many with open arms; I know my/our allegiance will go straight to the company with the greatest software stability and sound support, whomever that maybe.



      So here’s to hoping no more, and actually doing! Very sad...