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    FXG - Type error: MyLayer.Frames [CurrentFrameNum] .....????


      Hi all, I keep on getting the same error when exporting too FXG: type error: mylayers.frame [CurrentFrameNum] has no properties.  Can anyone tell me what is wrong???


      The trouble is that when I try to open the file in Catalyst I get the error: Catalyst error parsing FXG.and it wont open.


      I have tried exporting as 9 pages with various stages in each, which is what I want so I have the individual stages in Cataliyst. If I export as one page and with all the details on layers; in other words straight from Photoshop I still get the error but at least the file opens in Catalyst. ????


      Thanks for any support - Paul


      P.S all the photos and text are in the assets folder when exported as they should