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    Can't run Reader X


      Having jumped through hoops to get updated to Version X, adobe reader no longer works. (other threads say it all!). Double clicking on the desktop shortcut does nothing, with no processes starting in Task Manager! (I am using XP SP3).  How can I get back to version 9.4? It would appear that every attempt to do so results in a download of Version X!!!

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          lnayal Adobe Employee

          Did you get any error message when you try to launch Reader X from desktop shortcut or it just does nothing? Is Reader X installed completely?


          Can you try uninstall of Reader and then reinstall of Reader X (10.0.1) from below link



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            GowerMick Level 1

            I assume it loaded completely, the Installer certainly implied as much. When it didn't work first time, I uninstalled it, re-installed it again with same result - absolutely nothing when I click shortcut. No error message, nor any process started in Task Manager.


            I have a slow broadband speed in this part of Wales, and am no longer prepared to waste my time trying for a third time. I Have to download the update afresh each time, after going through hoops to get it to download in the first place! Why can't adobe produce an update file, that can be downloaded once, and applied as many times as required. With multiple PC's to update, their method sucks. All other software we have use the update file method which works fine, why can't Adobe do the same.


            As it is only one of our PC's I have attempted to update, I've now given up and simply loaded a third party reader on this one, and left the other PC's at version 9.4.