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    Setting Fireworks cs5 as default program to view images windows vista


      I am having several problems with Fireworks. My system is Windows Vista 2007, 32-bit.


      1) When I go to "Start" and select the Fireworks program, I get a Windows message asking permission to run the exe. This does not happen if I select Dreamweaver, Photoshop or any other Adobe product in the CS5 Creatvie Suite.


      2) When I try to select Fireworks CS5 as the default program to view images, it does not change from Fireworks 8. I can navigate to the exe but it doesn't change it.


      3) When I try to associate a specific file type with a program, I cannot change it. For instance, if I want to change the default program for .gif or .jpg from Photoshop CS5 to Fireworks CS5, I cannot do it.


      I have uninstalled the software completely and ran the WinCS5CleanupScript, then re-installed the software. No luck.


      Any suggestions?