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    Clip creation date/time from DV??




      I'm new to Premiere Elements (9); I'm trying to capture video from my miniDV camcorder via Firewire, and ultimately what I want on my computer is to have scenes split up and named using the time and date that they were recorded.


      The date/time information is certainly available, as windows movie maker sees it and uses it if I capture using MM... unfortunately, while MM will split my video up into clips and label them with the correct date/time, the labeling is only virtual... it still saves a single large .avi file for the entire capture.


      Someone suggested that I might capture using PremElem and then just rename the files using a batch tool, which would get the date/time from the file properties.  And that'd be great... BUT, the creation date/time doesn't even seem to appear in the properties of the clip files. 


      Am I missing something?  Any suggestions?