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    combining clips from 2 different mp4 files


      I have VHS tapes which have been converted to mp4 files. I want to select different portions of those files into 1 single movie using Premier Elements 8. How can I import both original mp4 files into one project then delete those parts of the mp4 files I do not want in the finisihed movie?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Steve Grisetti covers this well in his Basic Training Series on Muvipix.com.


          • First, you will want to start with a New Project, that matches this source footage 100%.
          • Import the MP4's (for VHS tapes, a better format would have been DV-AVI Type II)
          • Drag the two files to the Timeline, in the order that you want them
          • As you play the Clips in the Timeline View Mode, you can use either the Scissors/Razor Tool, or Ctrl+K to Cut the areas, that you wish to remove
          • Rt-click on the areas to be deleted, and choose "Delete and Close Gap"
          • If desired, you can add Transitions
          • Add any music, etc., using PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit (not MP3)
          • Export/Share to the format desired for delivery


          Good luck, and happy editing,