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    New website with FC

    gnicolen Level 1



      I have finished today this website :




      Give me your opinion.

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          My honest critique coming from a graphic designer/art director....


          The site is really busy, theres not a whole lot of unity going on with its layout, typography, color usage, space. Also i would say that the way a user interacts getting from one page to another, is not quite there yet. I think it you start getting more unity amongst all of the graphical elements it will bring an easier understanding of navigating through your site.


          Also if your trying to go for the minimalist look, try reworking it a bit, because the home page is looking a little plain. Also the title on the first page, its white drop shadow is to deep, not really matching the rest (creating unity) of the site at all, being thats the only element trying to create that effect of depth.


          But overall keep up the good work, just really try to define a certain look and style and keep it going from page to page, if you want to create a "professional" look.

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            mstiel88 Level 1

            Heres an example of what im talking about, http://www.3d2inc.com/.

            This guy created a site that has unity flowing through out the entire site, from the typography, color, and graphical elements...this is a very good example.

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              gnicolen Level 1

              Thank you Mstiel88. I agree with you about the look, I'm not a graphic designer.

              My challenge was to create a site without writing again html code lines : it works !

              It is made with FC 1.0

              Now I'm waiting for the official version of Catalyst Panini (hope compatible with 1.0), and then, I'll do some modifications

              and improve the look, graphism, colors, ...