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    Flex,rtmp & adding one frame on display - protection from stolen content - please help.

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      First of all I must say that I only owner not creator but I need help to give some hints for person who do all webdesing stuff for me becouse he is out of ideas now.



      I have website with movies displayed in flex and rtmp. Movies are not posible to download how ever people can still use simple screen recorder to catch them and then upload over web for free. Site is members acces to I lsot this way lots of posible memebers.

      My idea to prevent this is to add on movie til for example each 30second one frame on center of screen with actually displayed username and date (all users have their auername:password on my server). This way I can check this user in base found his mail and personally tell him that if any movie will be stolen again he meet my lawyer in reason of copyrights.


      Anyway we have no idea how to add this frame? Please provide me any hints or ideas to my programist found solution.


      Thank You