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    Output Settings

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      I'm finishing my first production using Premiere Pro, and I've loved working with it, though it's been slow going because of my "day job", and having to learn and figure out each part. Thanks to all of you, the learning curve has been manageable. I've shot the "Days of the Dead," using an inexpensive video (Kodac Zi8, at 720 HD). The sequence settings (right or wrong) have been 29.97, 720x1280 (1.0), 16:9, 48000 Hz (sound recorded with an  Edirol). Still images were shot with my Canon 40D.


      I want to output to the following:

           1. My own computer--best HDV I can get with these sequence settings.

           2. Make a DVD (I'll lose quality, but such is life).

           3. If I were to put it on the web, for example you tube, what would be the output?

           4. And finally, once I buy a bluetooth DVD setup for my computer, for that.


      Can you please recommend for me output settings, and anything to watch out for in Encore?