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    Best way to setup playback of my PrEl 9 output movies

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      I'm trying to figure out the best strucutre for setting up my HW for being able to, as smooth as possible with as high quality as possible, play my finished PrEl 9 movies on my TV. What I'm thinking of is to purchase a media player where I can store my edited movies, to act as a smooth way of arranging all content and being able to easily navigate and play the movies on the TV.


      The problem for me, as always is the djungle when it coems to different formats, resolutions etc....I record AVCHD clips, import these files into my time line..up until now I have created DVD records from the finished material but as I understand this will decrease the quality of the movie, correct ??


      That's when I started thinking if there's another way to handle this if I had a media player to play my edited files right away without having to compress the file and therefore "destroy" the quality ? Could someone please explain ?


      Is it possible to in some way to just copy the finished movie onto such device without decreasing quality and if so - how do I do that ?


      Also, another thing I thought of is Blue-ray..would it be possible to create such file without having to get it onto a Blue Ray disc - what I mean is to create a "Blue ray file" and then jsut get it from my PC to the media player and then use it right away for the TV ?



      If the media player path is something you think sounds like a good plan, could you try to explain above questions - and also how I can benefit from better quality compared to burning my original AVCHD content into DVD records...I have only created some DVD records, but I'm rather disappointed in the quality on the TV - seems like a big loss of quality ....atleast I thought the original material was a lot better....


      Also about media players, what can you say about different Brands and models - what should I look for (if this is a good idea to aim for). Advantages/disadvantages with different players


      Many thanks


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          First, you are correct in that if you start with HD material, creating a DVD WILL down-rez the material, thus leading to lower quality, when played.


          The BD (Blu-ray Disc) is a great way to deliver HD material, and is very efficient with very high quality. If the production of an actual BD is not in the cards, then so very much will depend on the files and structures that a particular media player can handle. Do you have one in mind, and if so, can you post a link to it, with make and model? Then, folk here can look at it, and give you specific recs.


          Just a guess on my part, as I have never done output to any media player, but I would say that if one did the structure of a BD, the media player could handle that fine. One issue would be that PrE does not yet allow Burn to Folder for BD, so one has to "cheat" a bit, and use something like Phantom Burner, which lies to the program, and tells it that a folder on the HDD is really a BD burner.


          Good luck, and let us know which unit you are leaning towards.