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    How can we share e-books between 2 accounts?


      My husband and I both have Kobo accounts, Adobe DE accounts and 2 separate e-book readers (both Aluretek Libre's).


      How can we share books?



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          One of you will have to buy the book first (and put on reader, I assume).  According to what Kobo Customer Care told me, with Adobe Digital Editions open that person then goes on the site the book was bought from, signs in, goes on purchase history and clicks on the book.  Hit Download epub or pdf, choose Open for Windows or Save for Mac, Adobe will show the book.  make sure you are in library view, plug the reader in and authorize the device.  Drag and drop the book into the reader icon that shows up under the Bookshelf items.  It should copy the file.  When done, eject using the safely remove mass storage device option.  After unplugging, it will process the new content.  I haven't done it yet, I just received the instructions.