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    Adobe Media Encoder .mp4 not playing on iOS

    jjx Level 1

      trying to get my video to work on iOS.

      i know it has to be .mp4 and i have various videos i have successfully encoded but some do not work when I  render them as .mp4

      I have been taking the .mov files (they were rendered to QT using Animation)

      using Adobe Media Encoder h.264 which gives me a .mp4 file. (but like I said...some are not working on iOS).

      so what is the traick with Adobe Media Encoder???




      - Source File: G:\HF_SC_BACKUP\HF_SC\_PT_Final\Open\Final\2009\HF_09b.mov
      - Output File: G:\HF_SC_BACKUP\HF_SC\_PT_Final\Open\Final\2009\HF_09b_iOS3.mp4
      - Preset Used:


      Format h.264


      (stream complatabilty did not matter)