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    PP PRO & SSD Main Drive

    Rkenosha Level 1

      I was looking at getting a OCZ Revo Drive. I would use this as my main boot drive. Will Pp PRO run from this drive? Or will I have problems. Thanks Roman

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          The only problem is in your wallet. No noticeable performance gain, but a vastely higher price/GB than conventional disks.

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            Scott Chichelli Level 3

            a big +1 Harm is right.


            pointless other than bragging rights..




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              FelixUnderwood Level 2

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                FelixUnderwood Level 2

                One more thing about the RevoDrives and this can be a deal breaker: Often times, you cannot use the onboard RAID controlllers with these drives and also they're plenty of motherboards out there that the RevoDrives won't work with. I regret buying mine and will probably end up selling it on ebay. Boy did I jump the gun! Also, one more comment about SSDs: I own a SATA II SSD and a SATAIII SSD and it wasn't until using the SATA III SSD that I noticed appreciable speed gains over a 10K HD. But the SATA II SSD was in a dual quad core with a server moboard and ECC memory and as Harm has pointed out in the past, the POST alone on these enterprise machines takes 45 seconds, so the performance gains can be unnotieable, especially during boot up.