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    Adding icons to TabbedMobileApplication in a Flex Mobile project

    BryBam Level 1

      Anyone successfully added an icon to their tabs in <s:TabbedMobileApplication> ? I've tried just using something like:


          <s:ViewNavigator firstView="views.appmobile_HOME" width="100%" height="100%" icon="@Embed(source='../assets/home_icon.png')"/>



      I've also tried in <fx:Script> something like:




          public static var homeImg:Class;





      then below added:



          <s:ViewNavigator firstView="views.appmobile_HOME" width="100%" height="100%" icon="{homeImg}"/>



      Neither of these methods worked, and just to be safe i've tried /assets/home_icon.png without going up a directory or anything. I just can't seem to get the icons to appear!



      also note - I was doing all of this in my main mxml file, just incase you're familiar with the Flex Burrito "Mobile application" file structure. And another thing is that I don't get any errors when trying these methods. It lets me compile and test it.