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    2.     Flex Http Service defect in Http Form Authentication, “302” error

      In our application, it is protected by siteminder. So when send out a http request, it will first go to sitemider, and after siteminder authenticate, it will go to the Tomcat server.

      So that, if sitemider timeout, related http request send out by Flex will not go to tomcat server. And in the flex fault method, we will popup warning to user that time out, and after the user click OK, navigator to Login page.

      What's the issues in our applicaiton, is that when siteminder timeout, sometimes, the Flex http request fault method can’t be called, it is not steady.
      When the flex failed to catch http request in fault method, there is no response in the dashboard application, only leave the cursor busy.

      This should be a defect of Flex, currently we are using Flex 2.0.

      Did anyone others have the same issues? How to resolve it?