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    How can I compile my imported Catalyst project from FB to Android?


      Hi Guys,

      I started to play with Catalyst (Panini), and I got very excited by it, and wound up building a full very polished app. All the while, I had the idea I would import this into Flash Builder, then compile from there it to run on Android. However, when I actually went to do this, there was no option in FB (Burrito) to build my project as a mobile one. If I create a new project from scratch in FB, then I get the mobile option. But I cant seem to make my imported catalyst app show up any mobile build options as all - only web project ones. Its very frustrating, as I have made standalone test SWFs and dropboxed them onto my phone - and the app works well!!


      Im sure I have missed something really simple - can anyone point me in the right direction? I suspect it might have something to do with creating a build profile? Or is there a config I missed in Catalyst? Im no dev-head - so those FB build config screens look a bit intimidating. I might eb able to muddle my way through configuring my Andoind SDK as a build profile - if thats whats I need to do? All help greatly appreciated!