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    Image Zooming limits in Flex


      Suppose I have an image of MxN pixels. What is the maximum limit up to which I can scale an image. Image could be .jpg, .png, .bmp

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          miguel8312 Level 3

          I would image that you can go as large as you want. the question is how good it would look if you went extrodinarily large. That would make make the picture become really pixelated. in other words you would start seeing little squares of color. Rule of thumb for me. if i have space save  250 x 250 and i woked on this pic on photoshop or fireworks then i make sure that im working on 250x250 canvas.

          Hope that helps.


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            Tauqeer_QAU Level 1

            I agree with you

            But if the size of ur Canvas is 250x250 , but if u have to scale the image inside it.I want to know that limilt up to which it can be scaled.

            Their is some value beyond which UIComponent (in which image is placed) does not behave normally. I want to check that value, that wether it is restriction of flex?

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              miguel8312 Level 3

              i guess i just don't follow your issue what are you trying to acomplish?can you explain that and maybe

              we can better answer your question. if you scale and image bigger then the canvas and depending on the height and with of the canvas the canvas will automatically resize to adjust for picture size however if your canvas is 250X250 and you decied to make an image 400X400 i believe the canvas with automatically adjust add scroll bars to adjust for picture size. if you are trying to figuere out what looks good on monitor you have to make the decision the picture will stretch as much as you want...

              Again i'm not sure i understand your question.

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                Flex harUI Adobe Employee

                There are some limits in Flash/Flex


                1) Bitmaps cannot be more than 4096x4096 pixels (that may be changing in

                future players).


                2) You might get renderering artifacts when drawing past +/-8192 pixels.