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    SSL issues


      I have run across a bit of a problem securing my application with SSL, and I was wondering if someone in the group might be able to assist. First off, let me ask a bit of a newbie question: If your application is loaded from an https URL, are all back-end communications (Flash Remoting, etc) supposed to take place over SSL by default? I was under this impression, but after enforcing SSL at the web site by checking "require SSL" in the IIS administrator I get the following: The application loads fine initially, but the first Flash Remoting call fails and lists the failing url as HTTP:{server name}/flex2gateway/ This seems to indicate that even though the app was load in a page secured with SSL that it is trying HTTP communications on the back end.

      Do I need to modify my services-config.xml file? I noticed that there is a channel definition there that specifies http in the uri attribute, but I have subsequently modified this to https and recompiled and still see the problem. This seems like it would be a pain anyway, in that we develop on machines that don't have SSL certificates installed and it would be a pain to configure them all.

      In any event, any assistance you could provide would be much appreciated.


      -- Jim C.