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    remove swf


      i opened from my main swf a new one with addChild. Now in the 2nd swf i need a button to close this swf and open another one ... I done this way because the button i puted in the main swf doesn´t work (maybe because i´m using in both swf liquid layout with a resize function). How can i do to close the 2nd swf and open another one.... or, how can i put the button of the main swf working ?



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          put the button in the main swf.  you can unload loaded swfs by applying the unload() method to the loaded swfs loader.  if you're publishing for fp 10, use unloadAndStop().

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            bboonn Level 1

            the problem is that i have the 2nd swf in liquid layout too, with the stage size, and this one doesn´t let the buttons in the main swf work ! so i had to put the buttons in the second one.... how can i put the buttons in the first one working ?