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    Optimizing Resolution for Importing .psd Stills into Premiere Pro

    mdubuque Level 1

      Good morning,


      I have a decent setup, a 2008 MacPro desktop with 18 gigs of memory; however I do not have the Mercury playback capability.


      For printing purposes, quite a few photographers use a resolution of between 300 and 450 dots per inch because this works well for quite a few printers.


      However, I am not sending my still photographs that I have shot in RAW to the printer.  I am blowing them up to a very large size, the big screen as it were.


      I understand there are complex tradeoffs involved in this type of decision, including hits to performance and memory as I increase resolution.


      If I use a resolution of, say, 480 dots per inch, will that provoke widespread snickering and sneering from the majority of film critics in the back row? 


      Will large groups of people find that resolution offensive or horribly unclear?


      I've never projected images on to a very large screen before, so this is a novel issue for me.


      Thanks for your help!




      Matt Dubuque

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