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    loadMovieNum not working

    TheEzmonator Level 1

      Hi there, I'm in the process of making a game where when the player gets a score of 5 a movie is loaded onto the screen. The code I've tried is:


      if (counter==5){

      loadMovieNum("randomfact.swf", 2);



      Counter is the name of the dynamic text that counts the score.


      If anyone could give any advice or a better way to do this that would be great.


      Thanks for your time



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If counter is the instance name of the textfield, then you should be using...


          if (counter.text == "5"){

             loadMovieNum("randomfact.swf", 2);



          You should try tracing the counter value before the conditional to see what value is there.  You are safer using a variable to keep count and just use the textfield to display the count value.