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    Generating zero-byte files


      Has anyone heard of this problem while using Kaspersky?  This was originally posted in 2008 by another member - Flaven.  I'll just use his post because it describes my problem exactly.  His solution was to disable his antivirus software (Threatfire) while using Robohelp, but I do not have permission to do that.  Is there another way around this problem?



      The problem is that this suddenly started happening to a project I've had no problems with since I started it several months ago.  When I generate Webhelp, it prduces a varying number of zero-byte topic files (the files are created, but contain nothing).  That is, one time there will be 15 zero-byte files, the next time 5, the next time 10, and so on.  The files are random; it's never the same files.


      I can copy the files out of my project folder into the generated Webhelp folder, and the Webhelp project will run fine on my PC, but when I then try to publish the project to a server (or another folder on my hard drive), I get an access denied error about half way through.  The last published file is bsscftp.txt.


      For a manual fix, I can replace the zero-byte files, and copy to the server, but I cannot publish from within Robohelp.