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    Robohelp 8 Crashes on Generate




      I am doing a very large project file that has a lot of .pdf baggage files.  The individual topics are imported .html files.  Currently I am taking a old database (non Robohelp) and putting it into Robohelp 8 (it is up to date).


      When I go to compile (locally), Robohelp will attempt to compile and then close immediately.  This happened once before, and I found the cause to be a bunch of broken links, I delete the .html file that was causing it and it would compile.  However, this is very time consuming as I have to keep starting from the beginning, unless I compile/backup every so often.


      Is there particular things I could look for to make it not crash?  For example, renaming the .PDF files that have symbols or spaces?  I have no doubt that it is something within the files, I would just like to pin point what causes this.  The pages are mainly just text and links to PDF's (baggage).