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    Suggestions required on PP CS5 drive scheme ...


      Hey guys, first time poster here.


      I have seen Harm's guide on HDD configurations and need more information, based on my hardware.


      I was able to scavenge the following from different projects:


      - 1x Intel 80gb SSD (X25-M)

      - 2x OCZ Vertex 30gb

      - 1x Kingston 64gb SSD

      - 2x Seagate 7200.12 1tb drives


      I was thinking of using the Intel SSD as the Windows7/Application drive, and the 2 Seagates as media drives, but I don't know how to best use the remaining 3 SSDs (especially because of their smallish sizes)...


      Any suggestions?

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          I'm pretty open minded to SSDs for OS and programs, but the smaller SSDs have such horrible write speed that they are not good for much else when it comes to a PC being used for PP CS5.


          So, my suggestion would be:

          - stick with your plan to use the X25 for your OS and Seagates for your new build (See Harm's tips for how to best use the 2 1TB's)

          - sell the other 3 SSDs ASAP or trade for a matching X25 (don't mix gen1/2) - then RAID0 the pair for your OS/Programs