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    Unable to use sample-java-soap client

    mohitunlimited Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am trying to use sample client for java given with indesign server SDK.


      I am trying to compile it using indesign however I imported all the libraries it is still not importing the following libraries.


      import localhost.Service_wsdl.Service;

      import localhost.Service_wsdl.ServiceLocator;

      import localhost.Service_wsdl.ServicePortType;


      import com.adobe.ns.InDesign.soap.IDSPScriptArg;

      import com.adobe.ns.InDesign.soap.RunScriptParameters;

      import com.adobe.ns.InDesign.soap.holders.DataHolder;


      These libraries are not getting imported. Can any body help me where can I find out these libraries or else if anyone of u used sample-java-soap client please help me.

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          Those files localhost.Service_wsdl.Service etc come from the Adobe InDesign CS6 Server SDK\samples\idsp-wsdl-java\lib folder, but you have to successfully build the idsp-wsdl-java project with Ant first. That creates the source code that matches the WSDL for InDesign SOAP services. Then the sample client code can be built, making use of those import files.

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            bejenbe Level 1

            To avoid warnings in the sample client application, you also would need a couple of support libraries used by the SOAP protocol implementation, but not probably depended upon at runtime to send a request successfully. Specifically, the JavaBean Activation Framework (JAF) and JavaMail API, both freely downloadable from Oracle. Add the activation.jar and mailapi.jar files to the classpath in the .BAT file that launches Java with the sample client JAR that implements main().