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    Right Click Printing in Adobe Reader X

    hfigdore Level 1

      Using Windows XP and Adobe Reader X I am having some printing issues. For example, I open My Documents folder and right click on the PDF i want to print, without opening the file in Adobe Reader first and then clicking print, then I open my next file within the same folder and print that one the same way.  With the new Adobe Reader X, I right click it prints the first document however it appears as though Reader stays open then when I go to do the second document it doesn't allow the program to print until I close Reader (which was opened by the first document I printed) is closed.  Once closed it opens Reader again and then leave it open until I phyiscally close it.  In prior versions when I would print it would close reader - I have tested the issue on another users machine and it works fine however on my machine it does not.


      Is they an option in Adobe Reader X i need to turn on or off, to get the function of printing by right clicking on the PDF file without having to physically open and close Reader X to print?