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    Transfer of License: Still MORE Hoops to Jump Through...

    pixelwrangler Level 1

      As someone who has used Adobe products for many years, I recently found that Adobe has changed their Transfer of License policies.


      Individuals are now limited to four (4) Transfers of License in their LIFETIMES!  Adobe also requires a copy of a photo i.d. for each transfer! You also need to provide original proof of purchase!


      1.) I recently upgraded to the Creative Suite from my individual Adobe products. Naturally, I want to transfer the licenses on my stand-alone software.


      2.) As a self-employed designer, the only "photo i.d." that I possess is my driver's license. I am reluctant to give out my driver's license number to ANYONE, much less a software vendor. I should note that I have been a registered Adobe customer since Photoshop was at version 3, and all of my software is registered and appears on my Adobe account.


      3.) I no longer have proof of purchase for software I bought 5 years ago. Silly me: I would expect that registering my newly purchased products with Adobe would suffice.


      4.)This must be something very new, as I transferred my Dreamweaver license a couple of weeks ago: I got a Case Number no problem from the Adobe Live Chat rep, filled out the form, and that was that.


      It would seem to me that there is no longer any incentive for anyone to register any Adobe product. Activation will still work just fine. Why Adobe would opt to put their CUSTOMERS - who are trying to "do the right thing" - through the wringer, is beyond me. So, I guess I'm stuck with licences for Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Fireworks - all of which were purchased legally and at retail.