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      Hi can anyone point me in the direction of a good source to learn AS3, maybe i should get a good book, as i have learned this way a lot.Any general advice is appreciated.Maybe i should learn AS as i go along, devloping.




      Ps: i've just dl a pdf tutorial so maybe i can use this.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You'll know better than anyone what works for you.  Here's a collection of resources you might find useful.  Try the free online ones to start if you like (last two below).


          AS3 - References

          Essential ActionScript 3.0 by Colin Moock, Adobe Dev Library; 1 edition (June 22, 2007), ISBN-10: 0596526946

          ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University, Gary Rosenzweig, Que; 1 edition (September 8, 2007), ISBN-10: 0789737027

          ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook: Solutions for Flash Platform and Flex Application Developers, Publisher: Adobe Dev Library; 1 edition (October 1, 2006), ISBN-10: 0596526954

          ActionScript 3.0 Bible, Wiley; 1 edition (October 29, 2007), ISBN-10: 0470135603

          Learning ActionScript 3.0 - A Beginner's Guide by Rich Shupe and Zevan Rosser

          The Adobe TV website - video based learning material: http://tv.adobe.com/product/flash/

          Lee Brimelow's site http://www.gotoandlearn.com/ is great for video tutorials of specific topics

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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            the flash help files have a lot of useful information.  start with "learning actionscript 3.0".


            also, senocular.com has helpful tutorials.  going from the help files and senocular.com and back should get you up to speed about as quickly as it can be done.  playing with code, in flash or another coding interface, while reading is a must.

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              somascope Level 3

              No new information from me here, other than to say I've used several of the resources (books and web links) these two guys have mentioned, and have gotten LOTS of mileage out of the material. No matter how many liks you collect for tutotials and guidance, though, I've always thought that a good book or two, to have on-hand, is always nice.


              If you are new to Object Oriented Programming (OOP), it can be a little rough around the edges at first. But, trust me, understanding the fundaments ends up going a long ways in being able to build what your mind comes up with (or your clients ask you).