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    ACSM files not read by ADE

    Joe Blow Schmoe

      Several months ago I bought some digital books in the ACSM format, so I downloaded Adobe Digital Editions to read them. Now, ADE does not recognize the ACSM format, only epub and PDF. My portable reader will read epub books, I need to be able to read ACSM format, or convert them to epub. How can I transport them to my reader????

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          The .acsm file isn't the book, it is a purchase token that you hand in to get the book (kind of like a coat check ticket).  To turn it in you need to open it up using ADE, which does indeed recognize ACSM file, and it will complete the rest of the process.


          However if you did not do this directly after downloading the .acsm file you will have problems doing it know because the ACSM files will have expired, so I would suggest that you contact the book seller to get new download links.