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    Adobe X Issue Printing to 11x17


      I just updated my Adobe this morning to Adobe X, and have encountered some issues with the Print function. I have to print a lot of ANSI C, D, and E sized documents to ANSI B (or 11x17) as a part of my job. When I went to do so this morning, my "Preview: Composite" showed a letter sized document in the window. Attempting to click on the "Properties" button resulted in nothing, as with attempting to click on the "Page Setup" button. All other buttons (ie. "Printing Tips", "Advanced", and "Summerize Comments") seem to work. In order to override this, I changed all preferences on my default printer (HP LaserJet 5100) to 11x17. The Preview still showed a letter sized document. As a last ditch effort, I tried to just right click -> "Print" from My Documents, but this produced "Adobe Reader has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience" dialogue box. Further, I have the same problem with all the HP printers at work - HP-4600, HP-5500, HP-CP3505; but the Oce TDS450 (which doesn't print anything smaller than ANSI C) seems to work fine. I would rather stay with Adobe X than go through the process of reinstalling Adobe 9.4, but it is rather inconvenient to ask my coworker to print any pdf's I require to 11x17. Has anyone had the same issue and managed to solve it?

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          FYI: To anyone following this... I ended up trying to reinstall Adobe Reader X, and I still had the same issue that when I try to print, none of the network HP printers are recognized. I didn't have any luck resolving this issue, so I went back to Adobe Reader 9.4 and I am able to print again. Seems glitchy, if you ask me.