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    SCORM-compliant PDF

    Erik Lord Adobe Community Professional

      Thought I'd ask this here as more likely to get someone familiar with the concept...moreso I think that in the Acrobat forum (though fairly, I've not even looked there yet).


      Anyone have insights on how to make a PDF form SCORM-compliant? There's no 'tool' for doing that? I'm astounded...though of course, just recently astounded, though I should have been at least a year ago, I think.


      IF no pre-defined way, then a PDF can contain JS, right? And can call to the parent page, right? So we should be able to make a SCORM-compliant PDF, in theory....?


      Was just amazed this hasn't come up before, though admittedly I'm basing that on what I've not-read here and what I've not-found in a half-hour websearch.