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    I just wanted to do a commentary.... Why is this happening?


      Hello all, glad to be on the forums, I sure hope you can solve my problem as I simply cannot find a solution anywhere, whether on Help or on the internet.


      My hardware is a 2.66 GHz Intel Core i5 imac.


      I just got Premiere pro cs5 and it's wonderful. I have recorded some footage and want to record a voice-over for it in real time, so I can comment as it's happening, director commentary style. Now, here's the rub:


      1. I select the channel I wish to record onto and access the audio mixer.


      2. I click the "enable recording" button for the above track. a message appears saying "Your current hardware does not have any input channels. Please use Preferences->Audio Hardware to correct this problem." You got it!


      3. I go to Audio Hardware. I notice the default device is "built-in Output". I change it to "built-in input/Built-in output" ( I have also tried System Default and Built-in microphone.).


      4. After this one of two things happen. Either it crashes after a few seconds (lucky I didn't save the preferences), or it's fine until I press the aforementioned "enable" button and then I get an error message, THEN it crashes.


      At one point I thought I got around this by using a USB headset, but then when I pressed the enable button, Nothing happened. No drop down menu, no red colour, no nothing.


      Puhleeease help me if you can, it would make my job 100x easier if you did. Thank you very much!