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    Embedded PDF not working

    LPMichael Level 1
      To All --

      Have something weird in my help project and hoping someone has seen this before...

      I have a PDF version of the help system (API Documentation) and want to add a hyperlink in a Document Library topic. I do this in all my help systems to allow the user to print up documentation (negates me having to send it).

      I create a hyperlink to the PDF file using the Insert=>Hyperlink option and specify the File option and browse to and select my PDF file. I get the message to copy it to the project folder and click OK to copy the file into the project folder. I specify the option to open in a New Window and upate the hyperlink. I then compile my .CHM file.

      I then open the help file and access the Document Library topic. When I click the hyperlink from the help topic, I get a web browser instead of Acrobat Reader opening (I do have Acrobat on my PC) and I get a message taht the Server Cannot be Found and the PDF will not display.

      I test this same PDF file setup (with the same PDF file) on a test project and it works fine - it opens in a new window in Acrobat. I also compare the reference in the TrueCode window for the hyperlink and it looks identical in the test and live project.

      When trying to view the PDF file from the live help system, the new browser window has the following URL:


      Anyone else run into this problem?

      Thanks --

      Michael F Weart