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    Why is my timing messed up when I render?

    mentalcase129 Level 1

      I've been rendering quicktime movies from Flash CS3 and for some reason the rendered movies are playing the wrong times.  I made one scene that was only 6 seconds long on the flash timeline but the file came out at 12 seconds.  Ordinarily I render out image sequences to cut together in premiere so I've never encountered this problem before but right now I'm only making individual scenes and for a few different reasons I need to render directly from flash.  I'm guessing there must just be a setting or a default or something that I can change but I don't know what.  At first I thought I was just rendering at the wrong frame rate or something but that's not it...everything's right as far as I can tell.


      Does anybody know what's causing this?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The actual speed of a Flash animation can be impacted by how much processing is going on and how much content is being managed simultaneously.  If you are trying to get precise timing out of a timeline based swf you are not likely to get what you want.

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            somascope Level 3

            To see if you are having your frame rate reduced (by your computer), try testing your movie (Ctrl+enter on a PC). Then open the bandwidth profiler (ctrl+b) while viewing that SWF, which will show you the current frame rate of your animation.


            You might also try lowering the frame rate of your Flash file, since it seems like your current computer can't handle the anim ation at its current frame rate. Another (non-technical) alternative is to do this on a different, newr/faster computer. Or to simplify your animation some how (removing some elements, simplifying the artwork, etc.)

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              mentalcase129 Level 1

              Thanks for the advice guys, but I'm not sure you're understanding my dilema...maybe it was poor wording on my part.  It's not a question of it not playing back properly...the run time of the clips are actually changing.  I had a video that was 6 seconds long and when rendered out as an mov it becomes 12 seconds long.  It plays fine on the time line and it plays fine as an swf.  If I render it as an image sequence and bring it into premiere it plays perfectly fine and has the correct run time...but when I render it as an mov it gets changed for some reason...the timer on the player shows the difference in time, it's a different length.  Something screwy is going on but I don't know what, the only thing I can think of that would cause the anomoly would be if I was rendering at the wrong fps, but I'm not.

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                moccamaximum Level 5

                You have to understand the different concept of the Timeline in Flash vs. the Timecode in Premiere. Whereas a 1 Minute Videoclip in Premiere will always stay 1 Minute long no matter on what machine it is played, thats not true for flash. On an old Computer the following will hapen if you try to play HD-content. It will be like a Slideshow, where you get every 10 seconds or so one picture (and all the other pictures inbetween are simply dropped), but at the end the whole clip will nevertheless last 1 Minute. On the same computer the 1 Minute clip will take 10 Minutes to render in Flash, simply because Flash won`t drop a frame, but instead artificially lower the framerate (so your 30 fps- movie will play in 3fps), and that is what the quicktime exporter uses as source material (so you`ll get a 10 minutes mov). You could sum it up as "Premiere is Timecentered and Flash is Framecentered".

                So -like others said above- you have different options to achieve what you want:


                1.get a faster machine

                2.optimize your flash file

                3.Import the mov in Premiere/AfterEffects and use timelapse to get to your intended time

                4.Try using a screenrecorder program that might get you better results than Flash itself

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                  Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  We all understand your problem.  The actual frame rate you get during playback is not necessarily what you set it to be for a Flash file.