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    Sum of Radio Button Values

    Josh_B_369 Level 1



      I'm looking to add the values of separate radio buttons together. (JavaScript knowledge = minimal)


      If I have one group of radio buttons with 5 different answers (each answer with a value 1-5). Then I have another group of radio buttons with 2 different answers (each answer with a value 1-2).


      From these two groups of radio buttons I want to have a numeric field that calculates the sum of the two groups of radio buttons. (this would range from a total value of 2-7)


      Take for instance the following example which would be shown in the Hierarchy Pallette where the numbers represent the value.




                          -Radio_Button_A = 1

                          -Radio_Button_B = 2

                          -Radio_Button_C = 3

                          -Radio_Button_D = 4

                          -Radio_Button_E = 5



                          -Radio_Button_A = 1

                          -Radio_Button_B = 2

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          Josh_B_369 Level 1

          I found the following solution using FormCalc but would rather use the JavaScript equivilant.


          sum(Subform1.Question1, Subform2.Question2)


          Is there a Javascript script equal to the FormCalc script above?

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            Kevin Cavallo Level 4

                 var result = parseInt(Subform1.Question1.rawValue) + parseInt(Subform2.Question2.rawValue);


            Since the values returned from the radio button groups are strings, you need to convert the values to an integer using parseInt() before you can add them.


            However: be careful where you are doing the calculation if you are not defaulting a value for the button groups.  If none of the buttons are selected in a group, it will return an empty string for the value, which parseInt will convert to "NaN" (meaning Not a Number) and you will end up with a meaningless result.  Either: have a default for all button groups, or check that a valid number exists for each group before doing the calculation, or put the calculation in an event that will occur after all selections have been made.

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              Kevin Cavallo Level 4

              Sorry, read your initial post again more closely.  If you're going to use a numeric field to display the sum, then just put the following in the calculate event of the numeric field:



              + parseInt(Subform2.Question2.rawValue);


              The numeric field will throw away any value that isn't a number, so it won't display anything until you actually have two valid selections.