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    Arrrgh...<img> tags! 

      Hi All,

      I'm having problems with embedded <img> tags. I stripped out a single dynamic text box out of a larger application just to test the functionality (or non-functionality) of the <img> tags to see if it was something that I was doing in the larger app. I have about 6 inline icons that are 24x22 px that I would like to have placed inline with the text. All I have is a single textbox on the stage named topicText...nothing else and the attached code. The output shows two of the 5 or 6 inline images and they are one on top of the other on the left hand side. All others are missing, I'm assuming they are probably on top of each other. I've tried stripping the commas out of the text (which was suggested in another post), and I got a different two icons showing...which was strange in itself.

      Even more baffling to me was in the larger app, I load the code from XML and I get the same broken lineup of the two icons on either the right or left (depending on my align="" attribute)...buuuut, they display elsewhere on the stage...not even in a textfield???? It's almost as if Flash decided to create a brand new textfield on it's own and center itself somewhere on the stage. Any ideas?