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    Premiere Elements 8 - Low Processor Usage

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      I am running Premiere Elements 8.  I have put together a video of HD footage, and am "burning" a DVD folder to my HDD.  During the "Encoding Media" process, it is only using MAX 50% of my processor.  I have a Core2Quad processor @ 2.33GHz with 4GB of RAM.  I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. I have a 640GB system drive, and a 1TB drive(on a PCI SATA card, that seems to run quite fast) that I use for my media.  I would really appreciate it using all of my CPU, as it takes a whole day to render 1 1/2 hours of HD video.  Is there any reason why this would be?   It seems to do it either with or without any other programs running.

      Any answers would be appreciated.




      Screenshots of my Task Manager during HD video "Encoding Media" process:



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          When you launch PrE, and look at the Splash Screen, does it recognize the multi-core processor?


          Also, much of Transcoding is I/O intensive, as files are written to, and read from the HDD's, so the processor could be waiting for that operation to take place.


          Unfortunately, I have never seen a benchmarking program for PrE, as there is for PrPro, where one can test their entire system, and find where the exact bottlenecks are. That would be great, if only...


          Good luck, and maybe others will have some tips, insight or maybe cures for the Transcode times.